aiCAN aiCAN is an input interface with Controller Area Network and five analog input channels and one digital input channel.

All channels are galvanically isolated from CAN bus. The device is powered from CAN side (Imax=100mA@12V). All input channels are tied to the same ground potential. Three analog channels are designed for general purpose resistive sensors (e.g. 10-180 Ohm or 240-30 Ohm), one channel for NTC temperature sensor, a voltage input channel and a fast digital input which can act as an impulse counter. First three channels can act as a passive listener (when sensors are connected to a gauge) or can be configured to supply power to the sensors attached.

The product has an IP65 protection class with dimensions of 115mm * 60mm * 35mm.

Field of application: Marine (NMEA 2000), transportation vehicles (J1939), agriculture (J1939 and similar protocols), industrial automation...

A special edition has been developed to support various sensors in the maritime industry. The device can be used as a tank level sender, rudder/flap position sender, DC current monitor, engine data monitor or environmental data sender.

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