pwrCAN pwrCAN is an alimentation splitter box for distributing power to Controller Area Network bus.

The device consists of three connections, the power input connection from power supply and a split supply to two Micro-C (male and female) connectors which are linking the right and left side of a CAN bus. Each side of the CAN bus can be alimented with up to 4 Amperes of current. Both sides are protected with an integrated automotive fuse. The device also offers a reverse polarity connection protection and a load dump protection. The two displays show the total current consumption of the devices attached to the bus and alimentation voltage.

The product has an IP65 protection class with dimensions of 115mm * 60mm * 35mm.

Field of application: Marine (NMEA 2000), transportation vehicles (J1939), agriculture (J1939 and similar protocols), industrial automation...

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