uCAN uCAN is a Controller Area Network to Universal Serial Bus (CAN-USB) bidirectional interface which allows users to connect their PCs to a CAN bus.

With the aid of CAN Analyzer application which can be run on Windows XP, 7, 8.x and 10 operating system the user can easily monitor CAN traffic and send their own packets to the CAN bus. uCAN is an economical galvanically non-isolated device with no housing and a very small form factor. The uCAN element on the picture has dimensions of 66mm * 15mm * 15mm. It supports standard CAN bus baud rates plus a comprehensive set of custom baud rates can be set. There is also the ability to set CAN message filtering in case of a very busy network.

The field of application is any Controller Area Network, where low budget CAN interaction is desired. All our products are customizable to meet the customer requirements.

Application software and Uses's manual can be found here.

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